Emma Spencer Living's Mission

Emma Spencer Living’s staff and ownership are cohesively committed to providing our guests with a better option for vacation rentals. We aren’t satisfied with the ordinary—which is why we strive for the extraordinary. Our commitment to family begins with our company name—derived from our two children, Emma and Spencer—and extends to our staff, our vendors, and our guests. Our goal is not to become a corporate giant, churning out mirror-image hotels with revolving-door service to an army of faceless customers—but to create a friendly, unique lodging experience that’s dedicated to accommodating the individual guest’s specific vacationing needs and wants. We don’t want travelers to simply stay at our rentals—we want them to create memories that stay with them forever.


    At the heart of Emma Spencer Living’s uniqueness is a family-focused culture centered on our guests. Through teamwork, a mutual love of travel, and an innate pride in what we do and how we do it, we’re able to extend sincere hospitality in a cooperative and friendly environment.

    Emma Spencer Living’s family values include being a responsible, environmentally-conscious entity. At all of our unique lodging venues, we diligently work toward leaving a smaller footprint and impacting the balance of nature as minutely as possible. Recycling efforts, green housekeeping options, and in many cases, utilizing refurbished and repurposed décor, are all part of our commitment to helping ensure that the world is always a beautiful place to travel.

    Every property within the Emma Spencer Living family was selected in a location near and dear to the owner’s hearts. The décor, styling, and overall experience of each property is a reflection of the community it resides in—so you feel less like a tourist and more like a local.

    Giving Back:
    Giving back is a priority for Emma Spencer Living. We make every effort to have a positive impact on the community by proving jobs to area residents and helping to promote local commerce. We also support many local charities though donations, volunteering, and marketing support. Our commitment to giving back helps us stay focused on what’s most important about traveling—making connections with the world around us.